Yousician 2018 Review

Image of Yousician's piano roll view

What is Yousician?

Yousician is an online music learning system designed primarily for guitar and piano. Yousician uses video tutorials, visual aids, and interactive tools to teach songs. Yousician can use either a microphone or a MIDI connection to detect what you are playing, however, we recommend using a MIDI connection where possible as the microphone assessments can be prone to miss readings and false positives. If you are interested in learning piano, guitar, and some other instruments, Yousician may be a good fit for you. You can see how Yousician stacked up against other online piano learning systems at our Piano Learning Software Review.

Is Yousician Worth the Money?

Yousician offers a 7 day free trial with access to some of their materials You are limited to one lesson every 12 hours which is a pretty restrictive trial model compared to other online piano learning resources we reviewed. You are also restricted in what material you are allowed to play/practice. If you like the trial you can subscribe for either $19.99/month or $119.88 per year. This also makes it the most expensive piano learning software we reviewed. In our tests, we found the music lessons to be a bit restrictive which could be good or bad depending on your perspective. If you need something to guide you on a path, this could be viewed as a positive. If you want to freely explore the songs, exercises, and lessons, we feel that Yousician’s user interface is a bit cumbersome. Of the piano learning programs that we reviewed, Piano Marvel won for best overall value.

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Image of a lesson in Yousician

Songs & Features

The music library in Yousician has a great modern feel and if you’ve been listening to popular music at all in the last 50 years you are going to see titles that you recognize. If popular music is what drives you then you will love what you see. Our biggest hangup with it, however, is not the song selection, but the arrangement quality. This refers to how well the songs are written and how likely a person is really going to be able to perform the songs they are learning. Unfortunately, many of the songs are simplified so much that it’s hard to see anyone using many of them for a real performance. In short, there are some great ideas laid out but the execution is designed more for a simplistic approach. As for features, Yousician has also made things very simple here, but also very limited. For example, tempo controls never tell you what tempo you are playing at and the feedback it provides on your performance is not all that helpful. If you value a simple experience then Yousician is a great option.

Scoring & Feedback

Yousician provides scoring and feedback on almost everything you play which is really great. As mentioned in the previous section, the feedback is not as helpful as it could be. Also, the scoring is a bit unclear. It’s difficult to understand exactly where you can improve with how Yousician scores. Keep in mind that Yousician’s approach highly values simplicity which is a very good thing for many piano learners. It’s easy for piano learners to get caught up in so many details that they forget why they are learning to play the piano in the first place.

Music play view in Yousician
Image of Music Reading in Yousician

Music Reading

Yousician uses some standard music notation as well as a kind of tab hybrid style of music notation that is somewhat unique to them. It can be helpful when getting started. If you are interested in learning to read piano music, this could be an issue. There is no doubt that standard music notation is more challenging to read, but it also contains more information on how the song should be performed. Also, learning to read standard music notation is paramount if you want to work your way into a more professional, or even semi-professional role. In short, Yousician isn’t really geared for the serious piano learner, but it’s great for those who are just looking to have some fun with the piano.

Learning Experience

The overall learning experience with Yousician was pretty good. You will probably get the sense that it was designed primarily for guitar which did hurt Yousician in our piano review. As for as the learning experience, it mainly comes down to what you value the most. There is no doubt that Yousician is fun, and it’s a great way to get started playing some easy songs quickly. 

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