Is Sugru Moldable Glue Really Any Good?

Our Sugru review will help you decide!

First off, what is Sugru?

Sugru is a putty-like substance that sets like hard rubber after about 24 hours. You can mold and shape Sugru into almost any form and around almost anything. It can bond to steel, aluminum, ceramics, glass, wood and even some fabrics. Sugru is dishwasher proof, UV resistant and electrically insulating.   

What Can I Use Sugru For? 

Sugru has many applications. It is commonly used for reinforcing cables that are starting to wear out. We took a computer charge chord that was starting to fray and wrapped it in Sugru about 12 months ago. That charge chord is still in use today thanks to Sugru. We also used Sugru on a 3D printed part to create a slightly softer surface on the outside of the part. The Sugru not only did this very well, it also strengthened the 3D part. The bottom line is that there are literally thousands of uses for Sugru because it is so versatile. Almost anything that you can imagine that a hard rubber or plastic can do, Sugru can do too.

Is Sugru Worth the Money? 

At a cost of approximately $3 for a package the size of a gumball, you may be wondering if it’s worth it. I’ll be the first to admit that when I first came across Sugru, I was skeptical that it would perform well, and I wasn’t entirely sure how useful it would be. After using Sugru for numerous repairs and enhancements to small items, I have to say that I believe that every household should have Sugru on hand. It is practicality and ease of use are definitely worth a few bucks. Just don’t forget that you have it because Sugru will expire if left unused for too long.