Playground Sessions 2018 Review

Piano Marvel Piano Lesson Review

What is Playground Sessions?

Playground Sessions is a piano learning program similar to Piano Marvel, FlowKey, or Yousician. Each of these systems has their own strengths. Click here to see our comparison review of Piano Learning Software.
Playground Sessions has attracted a great deal of attention due to its sleek look, great sounding background music, modern music selection, and great features. It also helps that Playground Sessions is endorsed by none other than legendary jazz pianist Quincy Jones! Playground Sessions is a great choice for individuals who are looking for a fun fast track to learning songs on the piano. You’ll learn with the help of the video tutorials, various speeds and difficulty levels Playground Sessions offers.


Is Playground Sessions Worth the Money?

Playground Sessions has been around for several years now and has gained a reputation in the industry for keeping things fun. Though it is not as thorough in its teaching method as some of the other systems we reviewed, we think it is still a great value. You can subscribe to Playground Sessions for only $17.99 per month or $119.88 for the year. They even offer a lifetime membership for just $269.99 which is an amazing deal!

Songs & Features

Playground Sessions has a respectable number of songs to choose from. You’ll find many pop culture pieces as well as some classical music in the song library. Though it’s not the largest song library of the piano learning systems we reviewed, the music selection contains a concise list of great music. I’ll also add that the song arrangements are particularly good. They are not terribly difficult but make the piano player sound like they really know what they are doing. We hope to see even more great music from Playground Sessions in the future.

Scoring & Feedback

Playground Sessions can score your performance using a MIDI connection to a MIDI-enabled keyboard. This is particularly useful to correct mistakes you may be making while trying to learn a song. This self-correction method allows a student to learn a great deal of music without a teacher. We found the feedback overall was very good though in some cases, a little distracting. The breakdown of the score is also a nice touch. Our only complaint here is that the way the music scroller moves on the page felt a little mechanical at times. This is a small price to pay for the benefit you receive from the assessment and feedback, however.

Song Previews

When looking for new songs to learn, you can visit the song preview view. Here you can see a sample of the sheet music, listen to one or more audio tracks and see other details about the song. Playground Sessions has done a nice job with this and it’s helpful when searching for that next song you want to learn. Our only complaint here is that many of the songs require an additional fee on top of the subscription price to play.

Audio Accompaniment

The audio accompaniments in Playground Sessions may be one of it’s best features. In short, they sound great. This makes playing each song a more unique and engaging experience that some of the other systems we reviewed. The effect is even better if you use high-quality headphones or a high-quality external speaker to play the sound. We applaud Playground Sessions for an exceptional job here. The only drawback here is that the tempo is only adjustable to 2 or 3 preset tempos, but we’re not complaining.


Playground Sessions has done a nice job with their reports section overall. They look great and provide several metrics to help you gauge how you are doing. We also like the way that they incorporate the concept of badges which are earned for accomplishing certain tasks. These include things such as earning 3 stars on an advanced song or spend 10 hours practicing. These are great ways to encourage more practice time.

Overall we really liked Playground Sessions. It has a refined, polished look and functioned very well. We recommend that you give it a try for yourself at the link below. You can download and test out some of the lessons without needing to buy a subscription. If you like it as much as we did, you’ll probably want to subscribe!