Piano Marvel 2018 Review

Piano Marvel Piano Lesson Review

What is Piano Marvel?

Piano Marvel is an online piano learning system. It includes songs, exercises videos and a variety of interactive teaching tools to help you learn to play piano more efficiently. Piano Marvel has been around for about 10 years and is known as a leader in the piano education scene. Piano Marvel is used by Individuals, piano teachers, schools and universities around the world. You can also write music you want to practice in other programs like Finale and upload them into Piano Marvel. If you are looking for a system that can keep you learning for years to come, Piano Marvel is what you need.


Is Piano Marvel Worth the Money?

Piano Marvel has been a key player in the online piano lesson scene for nearly 10 years now. You can choose to create a free Piano Marvel account which gives you access to a generous number of songs and exercises. A Piano Marvel Premium account unlocks a large library of classical & popular music, plus additional exercises. You can subscribe to Piano Marvel Premium for $15 per month or $99 per year. We have been authorized to offer a 20% discount on a monthly Piano Marvel subscription, making the cost only $12 per month here. 

Songs & Features

Years ago, Piano Marvel consisted of a Method and Technique section with several hundred exercises and a few hundred songs. If you were to ask if Piano Marvel was worth the cost back then, the answer would have been maybe. Since then, however, Piano Marvel has been busy adding more songs, more exercises, and more features. How much more? There are now over 1,200 exercises, 3,500 performance songs, 1,300 sight reading excerpts, reading boot camps, hundreds of training and tutorial videos and more. They have also added a slew of other practice tools, reports for teachers and an app for the iPad. This translates into a platform that is not only suitable for piano students but piano teachers and professionals alike. In fact, their SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) has never been beaten by any professional pianist in the world!

Scoring & Feedback

Piano Marvel provides scoring and feedback on performances. The scoring provided is used as a motivational tool to perfect your performance and is also used for tracking your progress. Earning scores and trophies for songs will earn you a spot on the Piano Marvel trophy case. Each time you complete a section of songs with high scores, you earn another trophy! The feedback Piano Marvel is surprisingly simple and extremely useful. A matrix of red and green markings show you where mistakes were made and what you played correctly. This lets the student avoid practicing mistakes which is a very common problem when students practice from a book.

Sight Reading

The sight reading tools in Piano Marvel could be a stand-alone product by itself. The SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) is the best sight-reading system we have ever seen. With a truly innovative approach, the SASR will intelligently find your sight reading ability level and challenge you at that level. It features 18 levels and over 1,300 sight reading excerpts. It also keeps track of your sight reading progress and provides a graph to help you visualize how your sight reading has improved over time.

Song Uploads

This is a new feature in Piano Marvel that takes what you can do with it to another level. If you use programs like Finale or Musescore,  you can write out songs, export them then upload them into Piano Marvel to learn and practice. This feature may not be for everyone, but it’s really cool. You can also share your compositions with other Piano Marvel users. This is especially helpful for piano teachers to want to write custom songs and exercises for their students to practice. This level of customization is not available with any other piano learning software or system.

Multiple Play Modes (NEW)

Late in 2017 Piano Marvel introduced a new feature called Prepare Mode. This mode allows users to play any song or exercise at their own speed. This was a sorely missed feature in Piano Marvel until now. They have been able to add this feature while maintaining a creative and highly functional live feedback method. Once you try it, you’ll understand why it’s an amazing addition to an already amazing piano learning system.

We found Piano Marvel to be a hidden gem. At first glance, it may not appear that there is a lot there, but the large music library and scores of features make it a tremendous value, especially when you compare it to the cost of traditional piano lessons alone. We highly recommend giving Piano Marvel a try if you are interested in learning to play the piano, or want to take your piano skills to a higher level. With Piano Marvel, there really are no limits!