Flowkey 2018 Review

Piano Marvel Piano Lesson Review

What is Flowkey?

Flowkey is a relatively new online piano learning system. It includes hundreds of songs to choose from. It also includes lessons to help piano learners get the basics down. You can connect a MIDI-enabled keyboard to flowkey to leverage interactive features such as scoring and feedback on your performances. We really enjoyed spending time with flowkey and we are sure it will only get better in the future.


Is Flowkey Worth the Money?


Considering all of the songs and interactive tools that you get with flowkey it’s a great deal. The question really comes down to which online piano lesson system best suits your needs. You can see our full comparison review of online piano learning systems here. 

Flowkey is a little pricier than some of the competitors offering a month to month subscription at $19.99, 3 months for $38.97, 12 months for $119.88 or a lifetime membership for $299.99. We believe that the 12 month and lifetime membership options from Flowkey provide the best value.


Songs & Features

The song library found in Flowkey is fun and keeps getting bigger. Though the library is not as large as some of the other piano learning programs we reviewed, we did find that the piano arrangements were pretty good overall. The video training feature was also a nice touch though the interface was a little confusing at times. We really liked the smooth interface in the music library however and navigating that part felt easy and natural.

Scoring & Feedback


We didn’t feel that the scoring and feedback was Flowkey’s biggest strength, but it is still a worthwhile feature. We felt that some of the other piano learning systems like Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions have a better overall scoring system. Regardless it still allows you to keep track of your progress which is really nice.



This might seem like a little thing, but it’s really big. We couldn’t compliment Flowkey enough on this point. They have really thought of everything when it comes to creating an account, browsing the music, and finding instructions on what to do next. Everything from the buttons, images and color schemes have been well planned and executed. The whole experience of easily finding music that you want to play adds value that is hard to describe until you experience it. This is one area where Flowkey’s competitors have some catching up to do.

Music Accompaniment

Flowkey has done some nice work with their music accompaniments. They are simple, which may sound boring, but because of the well-written piano parts, it works very well. The only drawback to having the high-quality audio accompaniment is the lack of adjustable tempos. Though it’s not a feature that everyone needs, advanced musicians will be wishing they can speed or slow down some of these songs by just a tiny bit.

Left & Right Hand Practice

Though this feature is not unique to Flowkey, they have done a nice job with it. When learning a challenging song, it is helpful to separate the left and right-hand parts to practice each on its own. Flowkey’s controls for doing this are easy to find and they work pretty well. Again, flowkey gets praise for making this such an easy to use feature of their system. 

Overall we were highly impressed with Flowkey. It’s a great learning environment that is easy to use and will get you playing fun piano songs quickly. You can set up a free flowkey account to try it out and see if it’s for you. Don’t forget to check out our full comparison review of online piano learning systems here.