Base CRM Review 2018

When considering a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system for your business, Base may be the easiest to use and most powerful of them all. Find out what makes Base so special and why you have to try it!


Below we will discuss some of the best features in Base CRM and why they matter to all businesses small and large.

Email Integration

Many small businesses struggle with staying organized with messages to and from customers. For example, a customer emails your team with a question. You may run into several issues with a standard email client like Gmail. Several of your team members might respond to the same customer creating unnecessary redundancy. Then, when the customer sends multiple messages back and forth the message threads can easily get buried in one or more of your team members inboxes, making it almost impossible to track down what is really going on with your customers. With email integration, you can ensure that all messages back and forth with a single customer will be kept in one place that is easily accessible to all of your team members. This allows anyone on your team to quickly look up important information to more quickly and effectively provide professional support and customer service.  

Integrated Phone Calling

Another time-saving feature of Base is the ability to call customers directly from the computer or device you are using. There is no need to even dial the phone number. Simply click on the number listed on the customer’s account and the call will be placed. Note: you will need to verify that your plan supports phone calls. 

Call Recording

As a business, you may want to review a customer’s history for several reasons. With Base, you can view the call history and even listen to phone conversations your team has had with the customer! This makes it an amazing tool to help train your team to improve customer service and allows them to hear exactly what the customer’s concerns are in their own voice. 

Base Insights Tool

With insights, you can easily see which team members are engaging with customers the most and who is being the most productive. You can also filter your charts to see specific metrics such as emails, notes, phone calls, tasks, messages and more. 

Funnel Reports

Base allows you to create customizable funnel reports allowing you to track conversion rates through stages that you predetermine. For example, if you want to see a report that shows a break down of new leads, contacted leads, to paying customers, the funnel chart will provide a great visual aid to help you understand how your business is working and quickly identify areas to improve on. 

Sales Forecasting

Projecting sales is often very difficult. Because Base is so tightly integrated into the inner-workings of your business, it is able to forecast sales far more accurately and dynamically adjust as changes happen. This is also a great tool for helping you set challenging yet obtainable goals with your team members! We are not sure how Base could have made this any easier.  

Mobile Integration

Base comes with an awesome mobile app which keeps you in the loop no matter where you are. This is especially helpful for business owners who travel but want to stay connected with what is going on inside their business. It also allows your team members to check in with clients, view results and even work remotely with a secured and power mobile app. 


You can easily setup a Base CRM free trial here. You will have access to many of the Base CRM tools during the trial period. The pricing plans are very competitive in the CRM space range from $19 to $199 per seat per month. The pricing varies depending on the tools that you need. The power and ease of use of the Base system  makes it well worth the cost.